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Added value to find the right solution

Our main objective is to take client needs without breaking the bank.

IT Services

Focus on solutions

We are a company founded in 1991, since 2015 in United States, by a group of engineers who love what we do. And with more than 30 years of experience in IT with emphasis in telecommunications and security.

Why Numir?

We are a flexible partner that adapts to the client's needs and not the other way around. We analyze the requirements in detail in each case and contribute our added value to find the right solution for each case, without oversizing or undersizing the solution.

Our philosophy

Our main objective is to take care of the client´s budget and maximize each investment. Our commitment is to provide all our advice and knowledge at all times with the best possible quality.

What is being flexible?

It’s being able to adapt at all times to unforeseen changes during a project or service, without having to stop it, respecting delivery times and quality.

Analyze and optimize

We focus in analyzing the current infrastructure and we provide the right solution through our professional services.

Our main value is in conducting surveys and based on this, being able to improve existing solutions, through our professional services. Customers don’t always have to acquire hardware, software, or make big investments.

Our Services

Some areas of expertise in IT services


Teams, O365, Sharepoint+OneDrive, AADP, Endpoint Protection Identity and Access Management, RBAC, IAS, BOTs.


It’s one of our focuses. We have the certifications to be able to provide all the support, from design, implementation of IP telephony services, mobility, and collaboration tools in the cloud or hybrid.

Infrastructure & Security

SD-WAN, SASE, Firewalls, Endpoints Protection, Routing, Switching, Optimization of WAN Links, are some of the technologies where we have extensive experience.

Cloud Backup

Backups of infrastructure Servers, Endpoints, O365, Disaster Recovery.

NOC 24x7

We have an operations center to carry out 24-hour monitoring of our client’s infrastructure

We have a lot of powerful services for your IT improvement. Check for personalized proposals according to your project’s needs.


Simplify your business evolution with impactful experiences at any scale.


Webex by Cisco is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars

Online Backup

Improve and secure your operation with online backup services.

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Our experience

We are backed by more than 20 years in the telecommunications market, with cases of verifiable success.


Our way of working is not one-sided. We are not a company where a sale is made and then disappears.

We are your partner, whether from technology already implemented or from the search for new solutions. It is there where we make synergy with the endorsement of the trust of our clients.

Customers don’t always have to acquire hardware, software, or make big investments.

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